I Write…In Cursive


Didn’t say I was an expert!

When I first started graduate school, one of the hardest things to adjust to was, well, not writing in cursive. I found that many people in this country do not write in cursive, and I’ve been trying really hard to ‘print’ my letters. For anyone who isn’t familiar with cursive writing, it’s also called ‘joined-up writing’

Believe meit is kinda hard to change a writing style after nearly twenty years of swirling my D’s and looping my L’s.  A quick solution would have been to switch from manual note-taking to carrying my trusty MacBook Pro to class every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Evernote would solve all my problems!

But some part of me really enjoys writing down notes the old-fashioned way, though I admit that the main attraction lies in punching, filing and color coding my notes every night in my big fat white  ‘Marquette University’ three-ring binder. Such satisfaction! Give me a label maker and I’m in heaven!

After one year of telling myself ‘F’s are not inverted t’s’ and ‘don’t curl your A’s’, I’ve come to realize that I’m fighting a loosing battle. I am a cursive writer! I can’t change that and honestly I love it! So folks who wanna read my notes are just going to have to get familiar with the good old curls and swirls.